Wet Lab

Ussing Chamber technique for the measurement of intestinal permeability

Microbial anaerobic culture and preparation of material for imports in AGU for gnotobiotic colonization

Cell/ organoid culture area and molecular analysis

Farncombe Family Axenic-Gnotobiotic Facility

Gnotobiotic research facility with axenic embryo transfer capabilities at The Farncombe Institute. This 3,000-square-foot unit provides a controlled, germ-free environment in which to study host-microbial interactions. In addition to generating and housing gnotobiotic animals on prescribed genetic backgrounds for internal and external users. The Facility has the capacity and infrastructure to enable the performance of long-term experimentation under controlled environmental conditions in diverse areas of biomedical sciences. 

Gnotobiotic technologists:

  • Joe Notarangelo
  • Mike Rosatti
  • Sarah Armstrong

Part-time technicians:

  • Janet Szeto
  • Erik Bercik

Assistant Director: Dr. Heather Galipeau

Director: Dr. Elena Verdu

Axenic (germ-free) breeding rooms

Suite for embryo-transfer in axenic conditions

Biohazard and gnotobiotic breeding and experimental rooms

Satellite labs to the AGU: Mouse embryo dissection and cryopreservation lab

Microbiology AGU lab

Head AGU technologist Joe Notarangelo assessing sterility of mouse AGU colonies trough aerobic/ anaerobic culture and fluorescent stains.